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Let me warn you now. The follow message may possess a smigen of blunt but purposeful content. The sentence structure and grammar will reflect that of the ratchet persuasion. If you can get past that, proceed. (shall I proceed, YES INDEED) Ladies we gotsta do better. I get it. I love leggings just as well as the next person. Shoot I mean, sometimes I'm overweight and leggings become my best friend. (djm) It be like that sometimes. I can tuck my extra body comfortably in my leggings. (again djm) I don't know about you, but if you are a little more plump than usual it feel like BONDAGE when you wear jeans or any other pants for that matter. Not enough stretch in it. With that being, said let's address a few things: 1. Leggings are NOT real pants - It is always best practice to wear a long shirt, tunic, etc over your leggings. Wit

h most leggings your body parts exposed. COVER IT UP. I know, I know. You thought that shirt was long enough. If not. Improvise. Throw a flannel on, tie it around your waist. - Understand the difference between leggings and footless tights. If you are wearing a short sweater dress, (falls under the RUMP or an inch or two below) leggings go under that. The "leggings" that are completely sheer (see through) are like footless stockings basically. NOT to be worn under anything short where all your "blessed assurance" is exposed. 2. Wear the appropriate draws (underpants) - Nothing burns my biscuits more than to see those BLOOMERS under your black leggings. You already ain't covered, but I gotta see your polk a dot draws too? Sis.....stop it. You know them leggings from Forever 21 are thin. Black, nude, or thong. - You could also buy a thicker legging, fleece lined to where it isn't so sheer. Especially when your top doesn't quite cover. 3. Leggings aren't for everyone - this isn't a body shaming comment, so let's not go there. But we do have other options. Personally, I have started investing in yoga pants. If you're just throwing something on and don't want to go through the trouble of everything else, these are a good choice. Much thicker material, so no polk a dots, and will smooth you out. All in all sis, this isn't a judgment call. Some will say, " I meeeaaan (insert ratchet finger) I can wear my leggings however I want to. How you gone tell me?" You're right. Do you. Just exit my blog then. (flips weave) I'm simply throwing suggestions out there to help you be the best representation of yourself. Be blessed! #chiclife. Live Life. Love God. Live Chic.


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