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I have had my heart broken a time or two. Or three or four. I can honestly say that dating and relationships have probably been one of the most difficult parts of life for me. You know, same type of guy, different face. The manipulative, the inconsiderate, the type of ninja that will suck the very life out of you. The deceiver, the only wants one thing from you but will lie and say that’s not it kind a guy.

Oh yes I’ve dealt with them all. I would often find whenever I would go through heartache, I would go through this phase of punishing myself. As if to say, If i were good enough I wouldn’t be in this situation. It’s my fault. I should’ve loved him harder, I should’ve done this or that. I would blame myself for the piss poor behaviors of the people that mistreated me. The burden became so heavy that at times I wouldn’t take care of myself like I needed to. I allowed myself to gain unhealthy weight. I even said to myself maybe I should stop keeping up my appearance. Heck, I’m gonna throw on a bonnet and some chapstick and call it a day. What am I keeping myself up for anyway? If this is you, I have two words for you.................................... GIRL BYEEEEEEE!! GIRL if you don’t go brush them bundles, put your mascara and some lipstick on and keep it pushing!!! Worrying about a ninja that aint thinking about you!(that’s what I had to tell myself) why bring yourself down over a person that’s a non *explicit* *explicit* factor? Does saying these things make the hurt go away faster? Nope. Only God can heal your heart. But walking around with ya head not combed won’t make you heal any faster neither.

BOTTOMLINE: keep it together sis. Let him go. Let God in. Keep it pushin.

Live Chic 💋.

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